Empower tool kit purpose

<p>Hi ,any one can breif the purpose of Empower tool kit.If any user manual available for it .if so kindly share the same. </p>


  • Yea we use it all the time to pull electronic signoff data from Empower, then summerize any results that are missing signatures (and a few other errors). In general the toolkit is used anytime you want to automate the pull of data from Empower into another application (e.g., Excel using VBA), or use another application to create Empower objects (e.g., instrument methods). Note the use of the toolkit requieres programming skills so it is a pretty technical. I'd guess it's mostly used by third party software developers to get their applications to work with Empower. It's not something the normal user would ever use. As for the manual, my "Empower Toolkit Programmer’s Reference Guide" shows the Waters document # 71500031805. I'm not sure if you can get online or have to order it though.

  • Hello,

    The Empower Toolkit provides a means to programmatically access the functionality in the Empower application and exchange information with some of the key data structures in its integrated Oracle database. The toolkit works with all the Empower products, from Personal workstation to full Enterprise.

    The Toolkit is based on Microsoft COM automation.  The toolkit provides secure and robust access to the underlying Empower database.  Some of the features of the toolkit include accessing:


    Results including peaks information

    Raw data

    Custom fields

    Sample Set Methods

    Access to Chromatographic systems

    The Toolkit also insulates the developer from structural changes made to the database with each shipping version of the Empower software.  The Toolkit uses both local and remote Empower databases as well as local and remote acquisition and processing servers.

    To work efficiently with the toolkit, you should be familiar with the features in the Empower software that you will be accessing.  You should also be proficient with the development language you intend to use with the Toolkit. You should understand COM automation, objects, methods, properties, events, collections, variants, error handling, and how these constructs are applied in the selected development language.

    Toolkit is an Empower Option which includes manuals, charts.

    For additional information consult your local Waters office.

    I hope this is helpful.