EMPOWER2: Backup, log, integrity

<p> When I do a backup I get a file named backup.log. The content looks like:</p><p></p><p>[quote]</p><p><span style="font-family: courier new,courier;">Connected to: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options
Export done in WE8ISO8859P1 character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set
. exporting pre-schema procedural objects and actions
. exporting foreign function library names for user W_TEST_000
. exporting PUBLIC type synonyms
. exporting private type synonyms
. exporting object type definitions for user W_TEST_000
About to export W_TEST_000's objects ...
. exporting database links
. exporting sequence numbers
. exporting cluster definitions
. about to export W_TEST_000's tables via Conventional Path ...
. . exporting table                     AUDITTRAIL       1654 rows exported
. . exporting table                       CALCURVE        200 rows exported
. . exporting table                          CALIB        100 rows exported
. . exporting table                   CHROMATOGRAM         71 rows exported
. . exporting table                 CHROMSYSCONFIG         43 rows exported
. . exporting table                        DRAWDEF          5 rows exported
. . exporting table                    FIELDCUSTOM         28 rows exported
. . exporting table                      INJECTION         71 rows exported
. . exporting table                   INJECTIONLOG          9 rows exported
. . exporting table                      INSTMATCH          0 rows exported
. . exporting table            LINCOMPARISONRESULT          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                LINEARITYRESULT          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                        LSCALIB          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                         METHOD        131 rows exported
. . exporting table            MILLDATABASEVERSION          1 rows exported
. . exporting table                           PEAK       2603 rows exported
. . exporting table                        PEAKGPC          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                       PEAKGPCV          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                         PEAKMS          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                        PEAKPDA          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                    PREFERENCES        136 rows exported
. . exporting table               PROJECTINTEGRITY          1 rows exported
. . exporting table                         REGION          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                        REPORTS          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                         RESULT       1066 rows exported
. . exporting table                      RESULTSET         42 rows exported
. . exporting table               ROBUSTNESSRESULT          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                      SAMPLESET          5 rows exported
. . exporting table             SAMPLESETRECORDING          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                        SIGNOFF          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                    STUDYVIEWAS          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                       SUITPEAK       2603 rows exported
. . exporting table                VALIDATIONSTUDY          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                    VALTESTDATA          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                  VALTESTRESULT          0 rows exported
. . exporting table                           VIAL        107 rows exported
. . exporting table                     VIEWFILTER         69 rows exported
. . exporting table                    VIEWTEMPIDS          4 rows exported
. exporting synonyms
. exporting views
. exporting stored procedures
. exporting operator...


  • Hi ,

    In Empower Application ,you can find the detials in the respective project .In your case project name will be TEST as the Oracle schema says as"About to export W_TEST_000's objects".

    Login to Empower application ->Configuration Manager->Click the "Projects Folder"->open respective Project .(In you  case-TEST).You can see the relavent information in Empower application.

    For your reference see the attachment also .

    Hope this helps .

  • Thanks for the answer. Not all entries of the log file can be identified.

    The following table shows the sections in the Empower project. Some headers and some entries don't correspond exactly. The 'curves' in project could be 'calcurve' in log file. The counts of curves, custom fields and methods do not fit.

    backup.logEmpower projectcomment
    exporting tableAUDITTRAIL1654rows exported1654
    exporting tableCALCURVE200rows exported31(Curves?)
    exporting tableCHROMATOGRAM71rows exported71(Channels)
    exporting tableFIELDCUSTOM28rows exported14(Custom fields)
    exporting tableINJECTION71rows exported71
    exporting tableMETHOD131rows exported44(int. versions?)
    exporting tablePEAK2603rows exported2603
    exporting tableRESULT1066rows exported1066
    exporting tableRESULTSET42rows exported42
    exporting tableSAMPLESET5rows exported5
    exporting tableSIGNOFF0rows exported0
    exporting tableVIEWFILTER69rows exported69

    The following log entries are not directly in the project window:

    backup.logEmpower project
    exporting tableCALIB100rows exported?
    exporting tableCHROMSYSCONFIG43rows exported?
    exporting tableDRAWDEF5rows exported?
    exporting tableINJECTIONLOG9rows exported?
    exporting tableMILLDATABASEVERSION1rows exported?
    exporting tablePREFERENCES136rows exported?
    exporting tablePROJECTINTEGRITY1rows exported?
    exporting tableSUITPEAK2603rows exported?
    exporting tableVIAL107rows exported?
    exporting tableVIEWTEMPIDS4rows exported?
  • Hi There,

    As per the backup log you have pasted here you cannot compare the Log with the actual details in the Test project. As most of the data you cannot see directly from empower front end.

    for Ex: Custom fields in the backup log are 28, but the actual custom fields in the test project as you said are only 14 in number which you can see from front end. remaining 14 are defined by empower that you cannot see from the front end of the application. If you have database access you can see all of them. The one's which you cannot see from the front end will end with a $ symbol... Just like MV_DOE_INSTRUMENT$.

    Similarly for CALCurve... it do contains of details of all the components in the Chromatogram.Like

    Components for a particular chromatogram....


    Methanol .... Many more
    if you have a database access then you can know much better on what does the actual backup log contains......
    Hope this clarifies.......
  • Thanks

  • Thanks for the answer.

    It helps for understanding the system but does not answer my question:

    • How can I be sure that the content of a project ist backuped correctly?
    • What (frontend) tool do I have to check the backup?
    • What should I say to the (i.e.) FDA inspector?
  • The last statement of the backup log " Export terminated successfully without warnings"   and the audit trail comments which were recorded in empower explains whether all the data was backed up successfully or not.

    FDA Inspector:

    Do Explain him the different scenarios as what are the various other messages we do get in the project backup.

    Like project integrity failed, project backup was unsuccessfull... Hope he can understand it then.

  • HI

    Backup.log is generated by an ORACLE utility called exp  and is one of the standard ways how to backup data in ORACLE databases.

    Unless you see errors or warnings in the log everything went fine.

    In order to be on the save side in case of inspections:

    Write an SOP that simply says : If no errors or warnings are reported then the backup has performed sucessfully.

    Examples of warnings or erros you may find in the internet (tons of that) if you search for exp error / warnings

    Regards Reinhard

  • Hi,

    What is the meaning of below error? and what action should be taken to correct the error?

    “Go to project properties, view integrity page, one or more project integrity error(s) were detected in the produced project back up. Please go to the “Project Name” project properties. View the “Integrity” page and get “details” on the most recent integrity report for details.”

  • The integrity check shows the errors if there are some. Then you can check the details in the project. In our case all errors were "missing data". The reason for this errors are interrupted runs.

  • You may see missing data if injection  was aborted before it started to be acquire, it means that empower has an ID for the injection but channel it's empty.

    Another error is that you find data incomplete as message on the review screen and you could only see a little piece of the channel not whole run time, it could happen if connection is lost whi a sequence is running and for a specific injection although the injection is in Empower last bit sent has not been understood and it seem that a part of injection has been lost, on those issues you could complete the injection manually, on the review screen for data missing channel right click on the mouse and select the complete manually option, you will probably recover your injectio.

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