Upgrading citrix presentation server 4 to XenApp 6.5

<p>Hi, we are looking to upgrade to XenApp 6.5  running on windows 2008 R2, will this be supported on Empower 2 FR3.</p>


  • Hello,

    You are running the version of Citrix XenApp Server supported with Empower 2 FR 3.

    The version of Citrix XenApp Server currently supported with Empower 3 is 6.0.

    Support for Citrix XenApp Server 6.5 is planned with Empower 3 FR 2.

    Best regards


  • If I am correct, Empower2 client is only supported under 32-bit OS (Windows 2003R2).   There is an Empower2 FR5 server with 64-bit Database support.  but it does not have a client..

  • As far as I know, Empower 2 only supports W2K3 with PS 4.x.

    We are asked by our infrastructure to move to XenApp 6.0 which runs on W2K8 R2. Is there a way to implement Empower 2 / FR5 on this platform?