UPC2/Empower - PC requirements

<p>We plan to install a UPCC (UPSFC) in our lab in a short while. For the time being we intend to operate it as a stand-alone system. In order to be allowed to hook it up to our network (for back-up purposes) we would like our IT department to deliver the PC. Which requirements/specifications do we need to set? E.g. PCI network card and such.</p><p></p><p>Thanking you in anticipation.</p>


  • Hello Torsten,

    It is great to hear that you are adding UPC2 in your laboratory.

    Waters offers optional workstation with the UPC2 for both Empower and MassLynx.  The Empower workstation is a Lenovo PC.

    For the Empower 3 Enterprise the UPC2 can be a data acquisition system on the Empower client or the LAC/E running Windows 7 64-bit.  

    The software and hardware requirements for Empower 3 are included in the Empower 3 Installation and Configuration Guide .

    To learn more you can go the Waters site at http://www.waters.com/waters/nav.htm?cid=134658367 to download information about ACQUITY UPC2.

    I suggest you contact your Waters representative for additional details on any other specifications that might be required for UPC2.

    I hope this is helpful.


  • Good morning,

    We are also considering the acquisition of a UPC2. Is it possible to run UPC2 on a Empower2 FR5 client/server ? For example, by connecting the UPC2 on a "heavy client" ?

    Thanking you for your returns whatever they are.

  • Hello

    It is good to hear you are considering the UPC2.

    The tested configurations at this time for Empower are

    • Empower 3, Service Release 1 (Personal workstation)
    • Empower 3, Feature Release 1 (Personal workstation)

    I suggest contacting the Waters representative for your company to work with you on a solution.

    Best regards