Chemstation vs. Empower 2

<p> Has anyone done a data comparison between Chemstation and Empower full controlling an Agilent GC and quantitating a control sample?  We are about to to do this to prove equivalency, but wanted to put a feeler out here to see what I might expect to find.  The calculation we will be using does make the use of an internal standard.  Thanks - Kevin Webb</p>


  • We have done a data comparison last year as we implemented the Empower 3 system instead of Chemstation.

    The easiest way of comparison is exporting the data files from Chemstation as AIA file and importing the AIA file to the Empower System.

    So you can test and train how to integrate on your original raw data. And you have the same raw data files for comparing.

    We find the same results depending on our integration methods.

    But the areas and heights found in the chromatogram are different  between Chemstation and Empower.

    On a calibration solution we found the following areas

    Component      Chemstation                 Empower

    A                     54.95004                    78816

    B                     14795.90                    21201624

    So we have implemented  a custom field in Empower  for the calculation of the Chemstation Amt/Area  to compare the results between Chemstation and Empower.

    I hope this information helps you.