Corrupt Data in Targetlynx

<p>A targetlynx file moved from one drive to the other on the processing computer alongwith RAW Data file and Sample DB, is now corrupt. Only chromatograms do not show up. Summary bar has all the information. What part of RAW DATA file is corrupt? Is the data lost forever? </p>


  • Hello Bindya,

    I have discussed your situation with the Targetlynx team.  There are many possibilities and they will have to carry out some investigation to find the root cause.

    We will need you to go back through your local service organization with the following details submitted:

    • The exact software version and SCNs being used.

    • The trace being quantified (the exact trace specified for the chromatogram, UV, MRM, XIC, SIR).

    • What instrumentation is it (Quad, TOF, Single UV/DAD, Analogue, Autospec ).

    • Also the header.txt information of the acquired traces from the raw data, if it is UV, MRM or SIR

    Kind regards,