Run Samples displays 'Not Connected' when instrument is Online

<p>Has anyone seen Empower 2 Run Samples display a status of 'Not Connected' for an instrument while the system properties shows the instrument is Online?</p><p>While the system functionality is not affected, the situation can cause confusion when the analyst wants to start injections. Thanks!</p>


  • yes  we have experienced same scenario.

    We have selected the Instrument method again in the run sample window and clicked set .System idle message will ensure proceeding with the batch sequence in terms of user perspective.


  • Hello,

    Can you tell us more about what your doing in Run Samples and the type of system you are using?

    For example is the system an A1100, ACQUITY, or something else (and control software ICS if applicable)?

    Is there a shutdown method in use?

    Are there message in the Message Center?

    Do you see all of the panels in Run Samples?

    Thank you


  • Hello,

    Can you try to uninstall and reinstall the ICOP.If you are using the new driver package,try to repair,else go with uninstall and reinstall


    Lakshmi Rathan

  • Hi Dot,

    Thanks for following up on this. Let me answer your questions.

    The system on which this is occuring includes a 2695 Alliance with a 2489 Detector.

    The 2489 ICOP version 1.31.2201 is loaded on the LAC/E.

    While they do often use Shutdown methods, this particular test's method set did not include one.

    No, I did not recognize any messages in Message Center when this was reported.

    Yes, they were able to view all panels in Run Samples.

    I assume you saw the other comments I received on this subject. What did you think of those suggestions?

    Thanks very much for your help,