Vent Valve problems

<p>I am having a problem with my Acquity UPLC. It is saying there is an error with with the vent valve HW.</p><p></p><p>     I wanted to prime the pumps since I had changed the eluents. After starting the priming, I got the error. I took the system maintenance course and the book said to change the valve to Vent and I took the vent valve cartridge out to see what was wrong. The book said to make sure the lines were lined up on the cartridge housing and the drive clamp. When I removed the cartridge they were not lined up. I moved the drive to line up with the housing. When I put the cartridge back in, the pins in the back of the machine were not lining up with what the holes in the drive clamp.</p><p></p><p>I don't know what to do with it. The valve seems to still be ok. Has anyone had this problem before?</p>