Restore Project Problem

<p>I have empower 2002 running an aqcuity system in the lab.  I have backed up the projects on an external hard drive.  I am about to travel extensively and want to be able to analyze project data on the road.  I have installed Empower 2002 on a laptop computer running the same operating system as the computer in the lab.  I have then used the base key to move authentication from the lab computer to the laptop.  Empower boots up fine, but when I try to restore backed up projects onto the laptop, I get one of two error messages.  I either get:  "Cannot create Schema "Filename" due to Oracle error 5"  or I get "An attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end."  To verify that the backups are okay, I installed Empower on a third computer (an old desk top) and the backups restore just fine with no error messages.  So the problem seems to be the install on the laptop and its ability to recreate projects from backup.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Has anyone seen these error messages before?  Thanks in advance.</p>


  • This is probably more applicable to the Informatics community than the Acquity community.

    Unfortunately, I do not have an answer for you.