Manually integrate in masslynx?

<p>Hi there!</p><p>Does anybody know if it is possible to integrate the chromatogram manually in masslynx? That is not to use the settings, but clear all integrated peaks and only use the cursor to select the wanted peaks and their area? I havent been able to figure it out.</p><p>Hope to hear some input.</p><p>Cheers...Marie</p>


  • Hi Marie!

    You can manually integrate peaks in MassLynx:

    1. Open your chromatogram

    2. In main window choose - Edit->Integrated Peaks - a small window "Edit Integrated Peaks" should appear

    3. Pressing RIGHT mouse button select desired peak

    4. Click "Add" button in "Edit Integr...." window

    5. You can manually edit integration width either using "Edit Integr..." window or with LEFT mouse button (move small squares in start and end of the peak in chromatogram).



  • Hi Luke

    Thanks a lot, works like a charm, just the info I needed!

    Thank you :-)