Column Manager question

<p>I am trying to run 2 UPLC BEH HILIC columns in series on the column manager, but am unsure how to set it up in the Masslynx software on the Acquity. I need to have the columns run in series so I can get the separation of the compounds I'm look for.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks</p>


  • RD

    I'm curious as to what column lengths you are using.

    100 mm ?

    150 mm ?

    To describe the connections by referencing the column selction valve port numbers will require knowledge of the Column Manager model you are using.

    Classic Column Manager with passive solvent pre-heating ?

    CM A with active solvent preheating ? 

    But, in general, connecting 2 columns in series is straightforward

    1) Connect the inlet of column one to the column 1 outlet port of the right hand valve in the column manager

    2) Connect the outlet of column one to the inlet of column 2 using an appropriate length of steel ACQUITY tubing (ACQUITY Sample Manager sample loops have been used for this purpose). ACQUITY tubing must be used to ensure a quality connection that preserves separation efficiency.

    3) Connect the outlet of column 2 to the port typically used for column 1 on the column manager's left hand selection valve.

    4) Program your MassLynx inlet methods as if you are using column 1.

    Good luck and please let the community know how you make out.

  • ckb01


    The columns are 150 mm  in length that I'm using. I believe its a classic column manager with no active pre-heating of the solvent.  The model code is UPM.  Thanks for the info it confirms what I was thinking of doing.  I'll let you know I make out.