Empower 2 FR3 Service Pack C - Lace Recovery log question

Hi,A sampleset with test injections created in CDS with Agilent GC configured on a Lace box ( configuration 12/ or 13 ) was set up successfully and continued to run. A raw data file was created on the lace and the user aborted the run immediately and the user repeated it for three more injections resulting in leaving behind a few raw data files on the lace. The user disconnected the system and left as it is.Now, the Lace recovery log shows that it is trying to recover the raw data files with the messages as shown below."""" Begin Recover Sweep
File SampSet1444.dat is corrupt
  Failed to recover Sample Set from file C:EmpowerInstrumentServer......SampSet1444.dat
File SampSet1306.dat is corrupt
  Failed to recover Sample Set from file C:EmpowerInstrumentServer......SampSet1306.dat
End Recover Sweep"""""Even after Lace box reboot ( Hard reboot ) the same messages fills up recovery log.Please suggest a method to stop this autamatic filling of recovery logs with out rebooting Database server. or deleting the raw data files on the lace box end.Thank you,Winston


  • The only way I know of is to delete the SampleSet.dat file on the LACE (it's abondoned anyway).  You can keep the raw data there (but their likely incomplete).

  • Will do.

    Thank you so much.

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