mass spec in Empower

<p>We are using a TQD with Empower to analyze unknown samples and reporting the chromatographic profile and mass spectra of major peaks.  Does anyone know how to create an empower report which gives a table of the mass spectra listing the major ions and their relative intensities? I'm looking for something like the spectrum points table that is shown in the review window with a limit on the % Base Peak.  </p><p></p><p>Thanks   </p>


  • Hello Joshua,

    You will be able to create an Empower report with this information.

    It is not possible to filter or sort the major ions but a list of all ions as seen in Spectral Points table in Review can be included in the report.

    To do this open the Empower report method editor.   In the left pane expand PDA/MS Groups to select the Extracted Spectral Table and add to the method.   Right click the report group to access the Extraction Table properties (attachment).  In the 'Table' tab, uncheck Apply to PDA channel and check apply to MS channel as you are only interested in the ions. You must also specify the extraction time of the RT of the peaks of interest.

    Depending on your data, you may or may not be interested in applying other parameters in this table. You can however get more information on all parameters in the 'Table' tab by clicking the Help Button in the Extraction Table properties dialog box.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best regards


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