export of results - more information for components needed

<p>Hi.</p><p>Currently we are working on automatic transfer of results from Empower (2 FR5) into our LIMS. For this we use an export method to create a text file with the relevant information. This text file can be imported into our LIMS where we can use a set of definitions to determine which column in the text file represents which field in our LIMS.</p><p></p><p>Here we have following problem: In Empower (processing method, component table) you can define only one component per retention time window. But such a component exists in our LIMS several times with different identifiers due to differences in related informations (for example the unit of the result or if it is the first, second or third of a multiple analysis). So far we can export the result for the component found by the processing method with only one identifier, but cannot distinguish further.</p><p></p><p>Unfortunately, we cannot change the structure in our LIMS. So we search for possibilities to break down the information for the component in Empower further. I hope somebody have an idea how to give more information to one component. Are there any custom fields for the components available?</p><p></p><p>Best regards</p><p>Hauke</p>


  • hi Hauke,

    There are a number of strategies that you could follow in order to present the correct infromation to the LIMS.

    As you know the export method is using table configurations which you can develop in the report publisher. This imples that you can set up your export table as you want, like in an Empower report.

    In order to give you more information I would really need to see the infromation you would like to export to the LIMS.

    Another more advanced strategy is to use NuGenesis 8. NuGenesis 8 SDMS print capture can capture any advanced report from Empower and extract within NuGenesis 8 the values that you need to hand over to the LIMS in an automated fashion. Actually this strategy is used to capture, extract and transfer information from any analyitcal device report to the LIMS.

    If you want more information I will be waiting here.



  • Hello Hauke,

    One thing you might try is to use the Peak Label field in the processing method.  This field is intended to be used as a label on the display of the chromatogram.  For instance, if the component name of the peak was very long, you could put an abbreviation in the Peak Label field and display that on the chromatogram instead of the component name.  However, I have found the Peak Label field can be used in other ways.  I do not know what the character limit is for the Peak Label field, but you might be able to use it to add some supplemental information for your component, and then add the Peak Label field to your Export method.  Peak Label will appear along with all of the other peak related fields (Peak Name, RT, Area, etc).

    Good luck,


  • Hi.
    Thanks for your advices. Unfortunately we don't use NuGenesis SDMS. So we have to export directly from Empower. Here we have already made report and export methods. That's not the problem. The problem is storage of additional identifiers to each peak (component). Peak Label is a good point, but unfortunately we often have more than two identifiers.

    By now we got a tip from a Waters specialist to use Component Custom Fields. We will try this out.


  • OK, for me now it's getting clearer: Working with component custom fields might help you a lot. I am pretty eager to hear how you are progressing with this.

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