Regeneration of a column ACQUITY UPLC BEH C18

<p>I have problems to regenerate a column ACQUITY UPLC BEH C18.</p><p>Normally, I clean the column, when I finished the work, with MeOH and Water (if my method uses Meoh as organic solvent), but the last time I have had to clean with ACN and Water and more with 100% ACN than with water and also with temperature.</p><p>I have regenerated one, but I have other with the same problem and thjis columns has only 100 injections.</p><p>My aquos solvent is ammmonium formiate pH 2,9 and the gradent is sometimes 100% aquos solvent. This aquos solvent interactions with the column? I have problems of splitting, some peaks together, all the peaks are the same compound.</p>


  • Hello,

    It's challenging to diagnose the cause of, and suggest a cure for, your UPLC column troubles. Typically, how many injections do you get on a typical UPLC column? or a typical HPLC column?

    Also, why do you need to regenerate a UPLC column on a regular basis? Do you routinely do this with HPLC columns?

    Clean, aqueous mobile phases are not problematic with UPLC columns just as they are not with HPLC columns. I emphasized the word 'clean' because these types of mobile phases can quickly grow bacteria if left on your system for too long.

    The ACQUITY UPLC BEH Columns Care & Use Manual is available here. I would also recommend that you contact your local Waters support specialist since they are trained to help diagnose UPLC column lifetime issues.

    There can be many reasons for shorter-than-expected ACQUITY UPLC Columns lifetimes. If you provide a bit more information about: your samples and their quality; your mobile phase and mobile phase preparation procedures; and your typical UPLC and HPLC column lifetimes, that'd be helpful.