Fraction Collector III Updates?

<p>We are looking to perform some updates soon, and was interested in updating the ICS for our Fraction Collectors. However given the expense for updating the drivers (i.e., the need for new firmware chips), I wanted to see if there were any new updates planned for them.</p><p></p><p>We originally updated two of these to use the v1.0.0 ICS, which came with firmware version W260E (not to mention that it came with a price of $500 per collector). Looks like v1.1 of the ICS is out, and has been for a while. According to the release note this now uses firmware version W261E (and I assume the same $500 or more price tag per collector). So before we paid again for a new ICS I wanted to know if there was a new driver in the works.</p><p></p><p>Also I had talked to one of the sales people in the past and there seemed to be some confusion how to order. So if you have a part number and how to order the v1.1 (or newer) ICS, please let me know as well. Thanks.</p>

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    There are some new characteristics in the WFC III ICS v1.10 only function with Empower 3.  Both the older and new ICS will function with earlier versions of Empower.

    The WFC III ICS v1.10 part number is 205000823.  This also includes a new firmware prom to be installed by Waters Service.

    If you have existing copies of ICS v1.0 (part number 205000643) you should call Waters Support Center or place an iRequest to order and receive an upgrade.  You will need proof of the existing ICS v1.0 using the initial Waters Order Number, to receive the upgrade.

    For first time installs the ICS v1.10 part number 205000823 should be ordered.

    Currently, there are no new ICSs planned for the future.

    I hope this is helpful.


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