Displaying timed group names on the chromatogram

<p>I would like to know if there is any way to get the timed group names to display in the chromatogram window while in review?</p><p>I have attached a document to show the window but the basic idea is that when our analysts our reviewing result sets they</p><p>can see that there is a timed group (ex: Pre Main Peaks) that has a certain area value.  What they can't see is which peaks</p><p>are currently in that group (i.e. there isn't a visual representation) because Empower only shows the individual peak names.</p><p>I would like to know if there is some way to show these names or provide some other visual representation to show which</p><p>peaks are in various timed groups when looking at the chromatogram in review.  This is for Empower 2 FR5.</p><p></p><p>Thank you!</p>


  • Hi

    As far as I know there is no way of getting the group peak names on the plot in review.

    best regards


  • Hi Rune i think we can the Group peaks in peak review window.

    If i am right.


  • Hi Satya

    Yes you can veiw the group in the peak table but you cannot display the group on the chromatogram plot itself, and I think that was what Chris was looking for.

    best regards


  • Hi Rune,

    Ya i agree with you.

    I was misunderstood the post. Ok Let me try tomo for any possibility to get it on Chromatogram


  • Hello

    Can you try this attachment and let me know whether it solves your purpose.

  • Hi Rathan,

    Thanks for the reply but this doesn't really help with my issue.  I want the group peak names to be displayed on the chromatogram.

    I have attached an example of what we were able to do in our old CDS system vs. what it looks like in Empower.



  • Hi Chris

    Even in Empower,you can have the peak label reported.

    You integrate all your peaks then  go to components in processing method.say option fill from result.Name peaks and group as per the requirement.n the peak label column,you can type the phrase Pre main peak/Post Main peak.Then in the review window,on the chromatogram,plot properities,enable the option.Then you will see the peak label.

    Can you check it.

    Thanks and Regards

    Lakshmi Rathan

  • Thanks for the help but the Peak Label field doesn't show up for group peaks, only individual peaks.

  • Are you trying to figure out why the peaks in the timed group are not being labeled?

  • I am trying to find out if there is a way to label them on the chromatogram display in Review and the report.



  • OK,

    It looks like your integration parameters and retention times are not optimized.

    First thing I would do based on the chromatogram you posted is

    1) go to "timed groups" tab set/verify that start time is set to  26 minutes set stop time to 36minutes. this is the window of the group.

    2) Next go to "components" tab verify retention times match, from your chromatogram it looks like peaks are at 26.154min , 27.123min, 27.811min, 28.977min, 32.826min, 35.475min

    the easy way to do this outside of the components tab is in the review window, click on the show components tab and you will see graphicaly where the software thinks the peaks are, drag the small bars to adjust retention time window, make sure retention time window is not too big., I use about 0.1 to 0.3.

    Once you do this the software should be able to find the peaks and label them.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks for the reply Thomas but the integration is not the problem.  I don't think you understand my question.  It is integrated correctly and how the lab wants it.

    The only problem is getting the labels for the group peaks to display.  I am pretty sure this isn't possible in Empower but

    that is why I posted the original message, to see if someone knew of a way to do this.  You can try for yourself by creating a Timed Group.

    Call it whatever you want, Thomas Peaks.  Then try to get that name (Thomas Peaks) to show up on the chromatogram.  This is what I'm trying

    to do because our old software was capable of this.



  • We use Empower and we use this feature here every day and the peaks inside the timed group are labeled. So Empower does do this, no if's and's or but's about it.

    Check your retention time windows.



  • Can you post a screen capture of what the display looks like?

    You can see the attachment I have added to this message for my display.  The peaks are in the right retention time window

    as you can see in the processing method.  They are also labelled in the review window with the correct area (see both highlighted areas).

    They are not labelled on the chromatogram as shown by the red arrows.

    If you can do this then please show me what your method looks like and a screen capture of the display.



  • Thomas,

    I believe what Chris is after is that he wants the peaks labeld with the name of the group.  If defined, the peaks will be labeled with individual peak names

    I have struggled with the best ways to display and report named/timed groups.  I used another system that had "expand groups" option which would clearly show the group and then the peaks that make up that group.  I have been unable to accomplish this in Empower without clumsy workarounds.  Even if you could display the timed group window on the chromatogram (sort of like the review window view where you can see the windows) it would be helpful.


  • Kevin:

    You are exactly right.  That is what I am after and haven't been able to do.  It would be very nice to see

    a visual representation on the chromatogram showing which peaks are in the group.  We were able to do this

    with our old CDS and my analysts were used to it.  We have adjusted but it seems like this would be a simple

    feature to add and Waters just missed it somehow.

    Thanks for the reply.


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