Units of Area in Empower 3

Hey,I'm hoping that someone can help me with this,We have recently changed our datasystem to Empower 3 and I have been trying to find a way to set Empower to display peak area in mAUmin rather than ?Vsec to make comparisons with our old data easier. I have had a look at the various options and setup screens but I cant find anything to set units.Is there a way to change this that I haven't found?Thanks,Fraser

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    This sounds like a custom field. 

    In Empower, 1 AU = 1,000,000 µV.  The area µV?sec is an estimation similar to using many rectanglular areas, summing across the peak.

    In any case, the basic conversion formula is µV?Sec / 1000 µV per mAU / 60 sec per min = mAU?min.

    So 1,000,000 µV?sec = 16.67 mAU?min.

    Hope this helps.

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