DownloadInstalledWellplates failed

<p>Hi everybody,</p><p>Recently we have installed new Agilent 1260 Infinity LCs. We are using Empower 2 FR5 and Agilent Infinity LC ICS v1.00. After installing a Tray for 100 2ml-vials (G1329-60011) we get following error message on every start of a Sample Set: "G1367E:DEACO01686 - @@DownloadInstalledWellplates failed". We don't use wellplates but a tray. The system seems to work normally despite this error message - all injections are done correctly. The tray is recognized and shown in the Module Panel at HiP Sampler.</p><p>Any ideas about this issue?


  • Hello Hauke,

    This is very interesting.  The following were tested.

    The ICS 1.0 adds support for these plates:

    ·       96-well plate, 0.5 ml

    ·       96-well plate, 750 µl

    ·       Vial plate, for holding 54 2-ml vials

    There the tray for the wellplate autosampler that supports "100 micro vials."  We plan to include this in test with next release of the ICS.

    Without removing the tray, I do not know of a way to suppress the message.

    Best regards


  • Hello Dot,

    @DownloadInstalledWellplates failed" use G1367E HiP ALS with the above-named tray.


  • Hello Hauke,

    This is useful information to know.

    Thank you for providing the added details about the systems.  

    Best regards


  • Hello,

    @DownloadInstalledWellplates failed).

    But it´s working properly so far (EMP2 FR5 SP G HF2; Agilent ICS v1.00).

    When is the new version of the ICS planned? Please let us know.

    For my better understanding: G1329 - 60011 is the article number for the tray...?

    Please let me know if someone needs additional information.


    Best regards,


  • Hello Michael,

    Yes, "1329 -60011" is the agilent part number of the tray we use.

    Best regards,


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