Seal wash - can we have an automatic timeout?

<p>Hi there,</p><p></p><p>On a couple of occasions we have had users leave the seal wash pumping left on by accident. Is it possible to put a timed event on this through the Acquity console program much like you would do with the purge A & B lines?</p>


  • Rob

    Is this when Priming?

    If you can confirm then I can see from s/w engineers if we can dseign a solution.



  • I thought priming of seal wash is only available as a priming anyway - or can it be built into a method?

  • Hi

    The seal wash remains on, but the period the wash pump turns on can be set, to a max. of 999 mins and a default of 5 mins.

    That's why I asking, where, when, what. I guess the question I should ask what do you do now and why does it not work and what would be better!



  • Just to add to Liz's response, the period of time that you put in the seal wash input in the instrument method is how often you would like to wash the seals, NOT how long the seals are being washed.

    For example, if you put 1 minute as an input for the seal wash, the instrument will deliver a pulse of seal wash every 1 minute, it will not wash the seals for 1 minute straight for the given method. The shorter the time input, the more seal wash that will be consumed.

  • Just on small addition :

    If you prime the seal wash as part of the system start up function in the console the seal wash prime will automatically be turned off after it has been primed.

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  • I must admit I tend not to use the start up function as I often just wanted to control it manually. Also i think with a previous version of the Acquity control option it automatically switched the lamp on to equilibrate to method without having any flow going through the flow cell. This meant light was coming through flow cell of the TUV without any flow and we got paranoid about damaging the cell. Hence I/we went for manual control.

    Plus once you equilibrate to method you can't change it. I like to start any pre-run of a method with a good wash out of 100% organic before switching to the method proper starting conditions.

    All I want to do is akin to the purge function on the BSM of both solvent lines - i.e. you can add a timed event. I would like to be able to add a timed event for seal wash as well. There has been 3 or 4 occasions when inexperienced users have remotely set the purge wash going from this and left it running and wasted a lot of solvent/needle wash as we have this line shared.

  • Also when you equilbrate to method from start up it automatically opens the shutter of the PDA - sometimes you might not want to. Is there a way of overidding and manually closing this shutter on the PDA