Methods lock during data review in Empower 2, methods will not release

<p> Has anyone encountered this scenario? Can you tell me how you were able to correct it? Furthermore, do you know how to prevent it from happening?</p><p>A user completed her review of the data in this project over a week ago and has certainly closed out of that working session (logged out of Empower and Citrix), but another user cannot access those methods because the system is telling her that they are in use by the reviewer. ?? Thanks for your help!</p>


  • Hi Kerry

    Sometimes Empower does not close the method when exiting the review session. The user that opened review or a user with admin privileges, needs to go to method properties (right click on the method and select method properties) and select clear to clear the method from memory.

    best regards


  • Awesome! I was hoping it was something simple. Thanks so much!

  • I hadn't seen this for some time, but then overnight I had a report from a user who was unable to save in a project because the methods were locked for editing (by her, previous session didn't release them) and then her working session ended abruptly. There seems to be enough tablespace in the project. I cleared the editing lock on the method she reported. Today I am clearing the editing locks for her one or two at a time as she reports them. Should I be concerned that something is not right with the project (i.e. corrupt)? I'm wondering if there is anything else that may cause this to happen. Thank you. 

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