G1160A control with Empower 2

Can someone confirm for me that the G1160A switching valve is definitely not supported with Empower 2 control? I know it's not on the release notes for Infinity ICS v1.0.I can control the valve positions but when this module is connected to my system I can't make any successful injections.


  • Hello Jessica,

    The Agilent G1160A multipurpose valve should work. The module is already supported by v1.00 of our driver because it is supported by version A.01.02 of the Agilent ICF.

    Can you provide more details about what is happening when you try to make the injection?  Are there any messages ?

    Thank you


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the response. There are no messages in the message center. In the run samples window I see the status of "setting up" or "preparing injection" but then nothing happens.

    Current firmware on the G1160A is A.06.32.

  • Hello Jessica,

    After further review it has been found that our implementation of the ICF does not control the G1160 valve.

    This is a defect that we will have to address in version 2.0 of our ICF support.



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