H-Class Purge Line

<p>Is there a way that you can set the purge wash to come out of a different line to that labelled purge wash on the system, we have two methods which both use very different purge solvents which we want to queue up over the weekend to run after each other, the only sticking point we have is the purge solvent which we need to come out of seperate bottles for each method, anyone have any ideas?</p>


  • There is nothing that Waters offers that I'm aware of but it's worth a shot to contact them directly and ask if there is an adaptor of some sort that will give two line-ins for SM purge.  I don't believe theres an option in Empower 2 to switch over to a 2nd purge.

  • Aled,

    Purge solvent on the HClass Instrument is used simply to "charge" the syringe (ensure that there is no gas, which is compressible, in the syringe).  It does not do any rinsing or washing of the injector components, therefore, It may not be necessary to change this solvent between methods.  Purge solvent should never contact your sample or MP if everything is operating correctly. The inside of the needle is washed by the MP continuously throughout the run, and the outside of the needle is washed with Wash solvent.

    That being said, the Wash solvent may have to be changed depending on the strength and solubility of your different samples to ensure that all of the sample is washed from the needle to prevent carryover.

    Good Luck!