Agilent G1888 connection to config 13 LACE with empower 2

<p>Config 13 LACE box keep loosing connection to the G1888.  In order to reestablish connection we have to keep rebooting the LACE box.  Can anyone tell me why this is and what can I do to solve this issue? </p>


  • Hello Nathan,

    First rule out some of the obvious causes and then look for less apparent reasons for this behavior.

    1. Verify the Microsoft Firewall has been turned OFF.
    2. Verify all selections for Power Management are disabled for the Instrument LAN card.
    3. Verify Microsoft Updates are turned OFF.

    Because the entire configuration was not specified here are other things to check:

    1. Ensure that the Instrument LAN IP address is on a different subnet than the corporate IP address. E.g., if the corporate IP address is 192.168.x.x, then use an alternate Instrument LAN IP address such as
    2. Check Ethernet cable(s) or switch for possible problems.
    3. Are there any entries in the Message Center or the Event Viewer logs at the time comms are lost?

    I hope this information is helpful.


  • I have verified what you have suggested, and it was set up correctly.  Headspace still looses connection.

  • We have the same problem in our lab with the G1888.  After installing a couple of years ago, I was told that this was known problem an I was advised that we should have this system on a separate LAC/E box.

    However since we don't use our G1888 that often, we usually just deal with it.

  • We also have experienced your pain.  Not sure if it a LAN issue, but the 1888's are communicate at 10 mbit no duplex verses 100 mbit duplex.

    In any case, rebooting the LAC/e box last seems to get things back on track for a while (sometimes may take a second reboot).

    We have had single 7890/1888 and two systems online.  Did not make any difference.  Have found that the new 1888 (2011) behaves better than that aquired 6 years ago, so may be firmware/hardware related.

  • We have purchased a G1888 last Year. We often loose Connection to our LAC/E 32. After some testings. The Agilent service grounded the Network Adapter on the G1888. After this we have no loose of Connection to the LAC/E 32.

  • Dear Dot;

    Is there any chance that you could look into Wolfgang Frodl's post from today and determine the validity of the "fix?"

    It sounds like the technician may have tied the digital ground to equipment ground. Sure would help stabilize things.

    Or might it be a symptom of a ground loop?

    Thank you.


    Gary B.

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