Empower 2 Noise ?

<p>Can anyone tell me the difference between Baseline Noise and Peak to Peak Noise in Empower 2?</p><p>I tried looking at the help and I see that peak to peak noise is the sum of the differences between maximum and minimum b/t each data point and the least</p><p>squares line but I don't see a good definition for Baseline Noise.  Peak to peak noise is in AU and Baseline Noise is in mV and I'm not sure why that is either.</p><p>Is there a relationship between the 2?</p><p></p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Chris</p>


  • Peak to Peak noise is as you describe.  A best fit line is put through the noise region and "residuals" from that line are measured.  The noise is the sum of the maximum and minimum residuals from that best fit line.

    Baseline noise is as above, but without the best fit line.  Essentially the highest data point in the noise region to the lowest point in the noise region.

    In anything with a sloping baseline (i.e. gradients) you will find that baseline noise significantly overestimates the noise.

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    Kevin Kolodsick

    ASR&D - Process Definition Analytical

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    I agree with Kevin. You migth find the explanations in the attached document usefull.

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