UPLC Column for Triton X-100 Analysis

<p>We are in the process of developing a new UPLC method on quantization Triton X-100 in plasma fractionation samples.  Given the cost of UPLC columns, we would like to get suggestions before we start to order any.  Has anybody analyzed Triton X-100 using UPLC?  Which type of column have you used? Is HSS C18 a good choice?  Any information would be appreciated.</p>


  • I don't have any experiene with Triton X-100 however figured I'd give a shot since nobody else has.  It looks like Triton X-100 has a similar structure to a lipid, except it's head is hydrophobic and it's tail is polar.  It does look pretty polar but it's relatively large.  I tend to always start with BEH C18 50mm first and then use the more specialized columns.  BEH 50mm, for the most part, is able to retain most analytes- even relatively polar ones.  A few exceptions are typicaly highly polar and small: Vitamin C, Thiamine, Hydroxytryptophan, hydroxycitric acid, arbutin.  These work very well on HSS.  My hunch given the structure is that Triton will likely be retained on BEH 50mm (or a longer if you prefer) and will definitely be retained on HSS 100mm.

  • Thanks for the message.  I will try BEH C18 column first.

    Thanks again and regards.