Exporting reports

<p>It seems our Empower 2 has ceased exporting reports. There is plenty of space on both the local computer and the network drives. I have checked the tablespace quota, and did find that the files in the particular project with which I'm working took up 800MB and the quota was 250MB with 115MB free. I thought that might be strange, so I increased the quota to 1500MB. Still, the reports are not exported. I have tried multiple reports, other projects, and exporting field data as well. The function appears to have stopped completely.</p>


  • Hi Phillip

    The table space quota is for data in the database. The raw data files are not stored in the database but in a separate folder for each project on your harddrive. So the 800MB refers to the size of the raw data files in the project.

    The 115MB you have free is what is left of the 250MB you allocated to the space in the database for your project.

    You say that the you cannot export reports, what I think you mean is that you cannot export any RESULTS using an export method based on a report method. So you do not get an export file placed in the directory you have specified in your export method ? Have you checked the Empower message center for any errors or explanations ?

    best regards


  • Yes, I checked the message center too. Nothing pertinent there.

  • Hi Phillip

    I suggest you check the following if you have not already done so :

    1. Confirm that the path you have entered in the export method is still a valid path and that you have access to this path (location where the export files will be stored).

    2. Check that the report method is still working by taking a result set into preview with the report method and see that you do get the results here.

    3. Create a new export method.

    Good luck with the troubleshooting.

    best regards


  • Yes, I looked at all of those also. :<

  • Hi,

    You don't mention if you have multiple Empower clients available, or if this is all happening on a single client.

    If the latter, have you tried running the script C:EmpowerChecksumShell.bat ? (actual location will depend on your installation, but it's in the Empower folder)

    This will produce a document called C:EmpowerScriptChecksum.txt with a summary of the results at the end.

    9 times out of 10 it won't report any problems, but if a file has become corrupted or someone has accidentally deleted something, it should show up here...



  • Thanks Kenny.  CheckSumShell reported 1 file(s) changed, 0 file(s) missing. The one file was only RsltView.xls in the Toolkit folder. I don't think that is critical, but I copied it from another standalone installation. [Running CheckSumShell afterwards reported the same thing however - I guess that means I would have to reinstall Empower to clear it?]

    I went back and checked other export methods, and they are working fine. So it does seem to be a problem with just this one report. I have a report for a particular drug of interest which works the way I want it to. I can export data using this report just fine. When I copy this report form to another filename in the same project but for a different drug on interest, I change the peak name and the detector channel. This second report also works as intended. But if I try to export using this second report form, the processing server freezes up on the first result. There are also many "Server busy - Switch To or Retry" messages, which I do not get using the first report form.

    I can also copy the report from Preview/Publisher and paste it into Excel.