Wrong Runtime after AIA-Export with Agilent Infinity LC ICS v1.00

<p>Unfortunately we've found today that the export of chromatogram-data acquired under Agilent's Infinity LC ICS v1.00 stores a 40 times expanded runtime and X-Axis in the AIA / CDF - file. That's really hard for us, cause we need the AIA to import the chromatograms into our documentation. Attached there is a sample-cdf that shows this. The real runtime was 10 minutes. Now it has 400 after re-importing it to Empower2. Need to have this urgently fixed.</p><p></p><p>System-configuration and module-firmware:</p><p>G4220A; B.06.32 [005], G4226A; A.06.32 [006], G1316C; A.06.32 [005], G4212A; B.06.32 [004].</p><p></p><p>Empower2: Build 2154, Feature-release 4, Service-pack D</p><p></p><p>Kind regards</p><p></p><p>Rudi</p>


  • Hello Rudolf,

    We appreciate your brining this to our attention.  The example you mentioned in the discussion that demonstrates the problem was not accessible for download.  I have sent an email so you can send the files direct. It will be good to have comparision information to our test.

    A defect has been entered (PCS 48121).  The PCS will be posted in Services & Support on the Waters website.

    Thank you again,