Requirement for using a 5890 GC on Empower 2?

<p>Hi All,</p><p>I’m trying to get my ye olde HP5890 Series 2 GC to talk to empower but no luck.</p><p></p><p>I have a National Instruments GPIB 488.2 PCI card connected directly to the GC are there any guides on what needs to be done to run it (drivers are installed)? I have a look through the support documents but no luck. I saw the page showing the boot order which I followed but still unable to comminucate.</p><p></p><p>Do I really need a <em>Waters BUS</em>/<em>LACE Card </em>to get the system to work?</p><p></p><p>Cheers</p>

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    As you have noted the 5890 GC usually contain one of these serial cards:

    • HP 3365 ChemStation Interface HP-IB/RS232, part number 19257A

    • Serial RS-232-C interface board, part number 19254A

    I am assuming yours is the 19257A.

    Empower does not use IEEE/GPIB to control the 5890.

    Only 5890 GCs with part number 19254A are compatible with Empower software. If your 5890 GC contains part number 19257A, the options are to :

    • Purchase a new 19254A board (part number 19242-60030) and RS-232 cable (partnumber 19242-60500) from Agilent

    • Connect the 5890 GC to Empower using a Sat/in module.

    • Connect the 5890 GC to Empower using the Avocent 8-port Serial Hub.

    • Connect the 5890 GC to Empower using the Equinox Serial card.

    We support the Equinox card for Windows XP operating system only. The Avocent 8-port Serial Hub is available for both Windows XP and Windows 7 in Empower 2 and Empower 3. Or you can connect to the buslac/e card using the RS-232 with ppropriate adapters and cables.

    There are settings that will need configuring on the 5890 GC itself for proper communications.

    Have you contacted your local Waters Service?

    I hope this information is helpful.