Use of a 10µL Sample Loop

<p>Dear all,</p><p>is it possible to inject a samplevolume of 1µl or 0.5µl with a 10µl-sample-loop?</p><p>Which is the minimum and the maximum injection volume size of a 10µl sample loop?</p><p></p><p>Best regards,</p><p>Simone</p>


  • rune

    Hi Simone

    The volume you can inject, with a reasonable precision and reproducibility depends of what injection mode you are using. If you are using Partial Loop mode (with Pressure assist) the specifications says:

    10-50% of loop volume = 1-5ul for a 10ul loop. If you are using Partial Loop Using Needle Overfill (PLUNO) (which is what I would recommend for a 10ul loop volume) the specs are 10-75% of loop volume : 1-7,5ul.

    Please be aware of the fact the when using PLUNO the sample manager will draw and extra 15ul of sample on top of the volume you specify.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Best regards