Specified default service 'DATABASE_NAME' not longer configured.

<p> Hi community,</p><p>     after I changed the tnsnames.ora on one of our Citrix-Servers, commenting out the connection to our test-database, leaving the connection to the produktive database, the system gives out the above warningmessage <span __jive_emoticon_name="shocked" __jive_macro_name="emoticon" class="jive_macro jive_macro_emoticon" src="/4.0.8/images/emoticons/shocked.gif"></span>. Any clue how this can be avoided?</p><p></p><p>Thx in advance</p><p></p><p>Rudi </p>


  • Hello,

    You can use Net 8 Easy Config to change the name of the sid, then when you start Empower again the old name is still cached so you get this error.

    If you then select the new name from the dropdown on the Empower login window, it should allow you to connect and log in.  The cache will update at this time.

    Best regards


  • Thank you for this kind answer.

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