Failed to obtain Waters GI pump status information, Waters 2525 pump

<p>I have a Waters 2525 pump, I get error message "Failed to obtain Waters GI pump status information" when using masslynx 4.1 software. Also if I hook up the pump to Empower2 I get the message "unable to start pump" ?</p><p></p><p>Any ideas what the issues could be, I'm sure its a hardware issue but I want to be sure. I reformatted the PC and installed the software several times to no avail. I can ping the pump but it doesnt want to respond right away. Latest firmware is loaded on the pump as awell.</p><p></p><p>Any help apprecaited!</p>

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    The following are some FAQs that might be helpful to review:

    ·         When loading the ICOP for 2525 pump for control with MassLynx, you will need to only load the “Waters Pump Control Software version 1.12.1218.

    ·         Do not load any other ICOP as this will cause system faults. 

    ·         BGM and QGM pumps cannot run on the same system.

    ·         Supported Waters software:  MassLynx v4.1 SCN 562, 627, or 714

    MassLynx PC requirements:

    ·         Appropriate PC configuration (described in the Empower or MassLynx release notes) and Windows® XP Professional or Windows Vista™, with two network cards (10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet).

    ·         Standalone mode PC requirements: Minimum of Intel® Pentium® 4, 3GHz processor, 512 MB memory, 40 GB hard drive, Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista, with two network cards (10/100/1000 Mbit/s ...


  • Thanks for the info Dot!

    In addition to the ICOP software the firmware was also found to be an issue by the Waters service engineer. I had a battery replaced and the firmware was flashed to the latest revison 1.14. This firmware is a generic driver that is actually imcompatable with the 2525 pump, so I flashed it back to 1.10 and it worked again :-)

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    Excellent!  thank you for update.