Empower formula for calculating Amount

<p> Hi All,</p><p>Does anybody know what the formula Empower is using for calculating Amount?</p><p>I have seen something like that once, but I can't find it anywhere.</p><p>I seem to remember this was like that - please see file attached.</p><p></p><p>Cheers</p><p>Kate</p>


  • rune

    Hi Katarzyna

    Attached you will find the Empower2 Data Acquisition and Processing Theory Guide that explains it all in detail.

    best regards


  • The formula attached is correct...  the only caveat is that Amount (Std) / Area (Std) is normally calculated from the slope of the calibration curve using least squares regression to get the best line. If you really need a simple response factor average as excel would do, there is a Empower calibration method called Standard Response Factor (or similar) that does not use a traditional calibration line.