How to solve a possible air bubble on a Acquity system

<p>Hi!</p><p></p><p>We have an Acquity UPLC system and yesterday it was drawing air for a little bit on line B (the solvent filter was not inmersed in the liquid). I purged the line for about 20 minutes, I purged syringes and seal wash and rinsed the column thoroughly but I still have problems. What else I can do?</p><p></p><p>Thanks a lot!!</p>


  • When you say you purged the lines for 20 minutes do you mean you wet primed?  Or did you just run solvent through it?  If you didn't wet prime then be sure to do that and watch the line coming from your solvent bottle to make sure the air bubbles have all moved out of the line.  If you did wet prime you could follow the dry priming instructions as shown in this how to video:

    Good luck!

  • deleon

    I did the prime of the line B1 as per the console indications...

  • RD

    What kind of problems are you having ?

    What is your system pressure & system pressure delta (please include mobile phase descriptions, mobile phase composition & flow rate) ?