Cleaning of UPLC's cell

<p>I need to know which solvents I can use to clean the UPLC's cell. I have tried with formic acid 1,0% and H3PO4 concentrated but I couldn't increase the energy of the cell. Are there any other solvent that can I use to clean it?.</p><p>My compost is soluble in acetone, dichlorometane and its solubility increases at pH basic.</p><p>Thank you.</p>


  • albert08

    Hi, we use 4 steps, first one a mixture of Water /Metanol (50:50), second one Water (100) , third step 2-Propanol, and finally H3PO/ Water ( 70/30).

    Return to initial conditions (Water/Methanol (50/50)). Take care to don't put inside the chamber more than 1000 psi.

    Hope it helps you.


  • Take a look at this "official" cleaning regime....