Is there a fix available for Application/Activity Timeout policy? (needs password per screen)

<p>The option of Application Timeout in XX minutes is in the Other Policies section of System Policies.  When this policy is set, and the time has elapsed, then Empower 2 will lock <strong><em>each</em></strong> open Empower 2 screen.  To unlock each screen, the user has to click on the screen and a dialog box will appear asking for a password.  Once the user enters a password, the screen will unlock.  It would be nice if entering one password can unlock all open windows for that user.  It's been a sore point in the lab.  I didn't see this fix in the Empower 3 Release Notes.  Thank you.</p>


  • I'm a user of Empower 3 a fix for this problem will be nice.

  • This issue is fixed in Empower 3.

    Hope that helps?

  • Can you point out where this is noted?  I reviewed the Release Notes but didn't see this statement in it.  Thanks,

  • Hello,

    Though previously been reported as both defect and enhanced request, the number of re-authentications following the application timeout did change.  This functionality is noted in the Online Help by pressing F1 while viewing the System Policies -> Other tab.

    With Empower 3 setting the Applications Timeout for x Minutes, a user is able to re-authenticate once reactivating all open Empower 3 application windows except the Empower 3 6-pane.   This window requires an additional login not once but twice.  This is reported in PCS 47638.

    It is good that progress has been made to have only one login to re-activate most of the application windows after a time out.

    Best regards