Equilibrate to Method after Startup Problem

<p>Lately, when I equilibrate to method after the startup priming steps (using that option in the Start Up procedure) the BSM goes to the correct volume and A/B configuration, the column heater goes up to the correct temperature but the PDA lamp doesn't come on.  I have checked that the box is ticked and even unticked and reticked it.  When I turn the lamp on from either the Acquity console or the run samples screen it comes on fine.  As I said in the first line, this has only been a problem for the last little while, maybe 2 weeks.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any ideas?  It's more of an annoyance that anything else but I would like to resolve it.</p><p>BTW, I am still using Empower 2.</p><p></p><p>ETA:</p><p></p><p>Today, just to mix the issue up, the lamp came on after the priming but the BSM didn't start up!  Help!</p><p></p><p>Message was edited by: gypsysmom</p>


  • RMJ

    I have observed the same problem on my system. It has been at least 6-months maybe a year since I first noticed that the lamp does not ignite using Equilibrate to Method in the Startup. I use Empower2 on a network server running through Citrix.

    Your observation is not unique. My best guess is an Empower software bug in the version that we are using, or a firmware issue on the instrument.

  • ifth


    I have the same problem since the PDA eLambda is installed in our UPLC one year ago and I use MassLynx 4.1.

  • Well, it's nice to know that others are having the same problem.  I hope someone from Waters will be able to shed some light on this.