Column Manager not reaching set temperature

<p>We are currently running a method with a column temperature set point of 20 °C. We were able to reach this temperature for 1 hour and after that the temperature gradually increased, plateauing at 25 °C. At that point we stopped the run and inspected the column manager. The module itself was very warm, around 45 °C. I checked the column compartment door, and it is closed properly with the gaskets in good condition and no e-cord or tubing hindering the seal. Has anyone else encountered this or something similar?</p>


  • AlinaS


    We started running methods at 25C and have noticed that the column heater has a very difficult time maintaining a temperature near room temperature.  We have since switched our methods to 35C.  I would recommend this as temperatures at or below room temperature will cause the heater to fluctuate more rapidly.  With regards to the sudden heat-up, I'm not sure what would cause that.  However, I can only imagine a 20C column is very difficult to maintain.