Input to Masslynx with excel file

<p> I am trying to generate the input file (sampledb) for Masslynx with an excel file by means of a .csv file and the import function of Masslynx. Following the manual, I have the first column as "Index" and other columns with the required names as defined in the manual. My early attempts were unsuccessful up to now. The error message is "Index column not found". Anyone has a good suggestion or trick?</p><p></p><p>Thank you,</p><p></p><p>Vincenzo</p>


  • lizh

    Can you supply the file taht you are trying to input. (Can send to me at as I an expert has volunteered to look into this for you.



  • Hi Vincenzo,

    That is very common. From the help in Masslynx, you can find this information in addition to the one from the manual:

    Select the area containing the data to be imported, including the column headings, and name the area ANALYSIS. To do this, select the Insert > Name > Define command, type ANALYSIS and select OK.

    Leave all cells in General format.

    For a text field containing only numeric data an apostrophe ( ' ) must be inserted in front of the number.

    I hope this could help you,


  • To update, we have asked our colleagues in Manchester about this.  When we learn more we will pots.

  • vincenzo

    I have tested your advice (naming the selected cells &quot;ANALYSIS&quot; in the EXCEL worksheet) and the import worked fine. I have also adjusted some of the field names and the cell format to have a useful masslynx input.

    Thank you very much, your advice was very helpful.