Instrument Server Error

<p>I went to start a run and as soon as I hit start an error message came up saying that there was an issue with the instrument server and the instrument connection was lost. I rebooted the computer and tried again, but had the same problem.</p><p></p><p>A change has been made to the system in that the path for the raw data was changed from the C: drive to a network drive so that the data gets backed up daily.</p><p></p><p>Does anybody have any ideas as to what is going on with this?</p><p></p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Rob </p>


  • By any chance, did the Windows Firewall get turned on?

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  • Hi,

    Is your raw data map accesible to everyone?

    Your watersservice is running under a local system account normally, so maybe the service can't access your raw data path.


  • I tried to change back to the original raw data path on the C: drive, but still have the same issue. With the firewall, I do not know if the Windows firewall is on or not on the local computer. The network drive likely has a firewall though.

    I will try to move things back to the C: drive and see if this helps.

    If anyone has any other ideas I will try those as well.



  • Your raw datapath is a shared folder (waters_projects$)?

    Any messages in your message center?


  • I moved the project back to the C: drive and it works now. It must have been an issue with the software not being able to communicate to the network drive with all of the security things put in place by our IT group.

    Thank you for all who gave suggestions.

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