Report Method Unable to load Instrument Setup info for A1100 HPLC

<p>How can I printout out the instrument parameters to verify that the method parameters were correctly entered?  We are in the process of moving from ChemStation to Empower 2/Citrix enviroment.  We have only Agilent A1100 HPLC units at this site.  To establish instrument/LACE/network connection, I setup a series of injections as a Perfomance Qualification using an in-house HPLC method.  While trying to prinout the Instrument Method report, there was a message in the Error Log of the report:  Unable to load Instrument setup information for A1100. </p>


  • Hello,

    The message “Unable to load Instrument setup information for A1100” might appear because the instrument control software (ICS) is not installed or not the same versions across all nodes.  The ICS should be installed on the acquisition node where the instrument is attached, the Citrix server, and any nodes (non-ICA) that have the full stack for Empower client.

    The current version for the Agilent LC is ICS v1.06.

    In the Report method the Instrument Methods Group has three sub-groups; select the Instrument Method Group and the Gradient Group.

    I hope this is helpful.


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