Viewing message center

<p>Empower message center is a good place to investigate instrument failure. Is a user able to view other user's message? How? Thanks in advance.</p>


  • Hi Wing,

    We are running Empower 1. In this version only full system admin has a right to view all messages in the message center. Any other user will see only their part of the message center.

    I am not sure how it is in Empower 2, but I would assume similar.  Apparently the message center managmnet is changed in Empower 3 and there is a privilege there View Message Center for All Users.



  • Thanks Kate,

    We are running Empower 2 and it has the same limitation. I am the administrator and could not find the way to let some users to view other user's message. Hopefully we can do that in Empower 3.

    Thank you again,


  • Hi Wing

    Alternatively you can set up an e-mail notification on respective categories and types which you will find entries for in the Message Center. You find this in the Configuration Manager -> View -> System Policies -> E-Mail Policies. This is not user-specific.

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  • Hello,

    I have a way to do that.Create a report methodmay be summary by all/individual.No chromatogram and table in it.From left hand side,select acquisition log and drop it in the right hand side.Use this method to preview your injections without processing aso.This is upto Empower2.

    From Empower3,view message center for all users is a privilige and hence enabling it will allow you to see the errors



  • yes, There is a way to see all the messages in Empower message centre. For which some scripts has to be written and a table has to be created in the database from where you can get the error messages.

    One of my Team mate has done this, Now we have provided that access to the Site Super Users whereby they can see the error messages/Individual. From Empower3 it can be done from Empower front end itself by providing the access.