Need for 'Ctrl Alt Del' while using Alter Running Samples

<p>Has anyone encountered the need to use Ctrl Alt Del in order to get through the Alter Running Samples process. It appears to the user that the desktop is frozen, but I think that what is happening is that the dialog box becomes hidden behind other windows. The dialog box is waiting for a response, but because its hidden, the mouse and keyboard cannot access it. The solution is to bring up the Task Manager in order to switch to the dialog box. This is with Empower2 on an Enterprise system. Is anything known about this? Is there some windows setting or windows environmnent condition that causes the problem?</p>


  • I have seen this problem before when you "restore down" the alter sample screen it dissappears from the task bar but this only occurs during a Citrix session if you do the same on a bence client you will see the alter sample page on the task bar.

  • Hauke

    Hi Kenneth

    In my experience there is no Windows setting (but I'm not absolutely sure). I would try to use some keyboard shortcuts: [Windows]+[D] brings the desktop on-top (all open windows are still there, not minimized, but you see the desktop). Sometimes this will already show you the hidden window for the user input. Then holding [Alt] and pressing [Tab] switches between the open windows. This way you may find the hidden window. You can also try [Windows]+[M] to minimize all open windows. If this works I think it's better than using the task manager.


    [...] means a key on the keyboard

  • We run in a Citrix environment (Empower 2) and have seen this problem.  When this occurs, it pegs the processor usage at 100% on the Citrix server bringing the performance for all users to a crawl.  We usually end up doing one of two things when this occurs - remote into the Citrix server (if we can, it can take 10-15 minutes) and end the Quickset process (thru task manager) that is causing the problem -  or we just reboot the Citrix server.