resolution and S/N calculation by Empower

I used to be able to obtain some documents explaining how Empower calcualte resolution and S/N from waters website. However, those docuemts are no longer available. I am wondering if someone from waters can send me those documents?If those doucments are not available, could someone answer the following questions?1. What are the differences between "resolution", "USP resolution" and "USP resolution HH"? I can understand the "USP resolution" and "USP resolution HH" are calculated by the peak width and peak width at 1/2 height. How about "resolution"?2. In a lots of cases (close elute peaks) "USP resoltion" was calculated but "USP resoltion HH" was not. So the "USP resoltion" is more correct than the other? 3. When we are calculating S/N, which one we should go for "baseline noise" or "peak to peak noise" or others?


  • Hve you tried Empower Help ??

    Look in:

    Verifying System Persformance for Resolution

    Caculating detactor noise and drift for S/N

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    Grethe Eising

  • Hi TCheng

    I think this is the manual you are looking for.

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  • Very useful information. Thanks!

  • I was looking for this too. Thank you.

  • thanks

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