G1367C control

<p>Hi,</p><p>I have connected a new G1367C Hi-P autosampler to Empower on an A1200 stack.  I have it controlled but when i go to inject I am getting error saying 'missing vessel - the plate is missing or a wrong plate type is configured'.  I am using ICOP 1.06 for Agilent and Empower 2 FR5.</p><p></p><p>I tried putting P:1 in vial position but it will not take an alpha character, just numeric.  Is there a driver missing for this control or do I need to configure the plate?</p>


  • The exact dimensions of all Agilent-supported plate types may be viewed in the G4208A instant pilot (with firmware B.02.05 or higher). If that information is entered properly in Empower, then the sample set should run without generating errors.

    Please note that if you configure the plates, you can't make an injection from the vials, but you can only use the vials for needle washing. Once you specify plates, it doesn't allow you to put in a number like "1" or "10" for location. So, if you don't configure plates, you can inject and run from all vials (1-10), but can't inject from the plates in the same Sample Set.

    I hope that helps.

  • Thanks for that.

    If I put a standard 100 vial tray in the autosampler, will I have any issues controlling from Empower?  We don't need the plates so I would prefer to use as a normal autosampler when controlling in Empower, if that is okay and will not cause issues on Empower.

  • You can use the standard 100 vial tray, no problem.

  • We are required to test all new instruments with a sat/in attached in uncontrolled mode first.  When I try a single injection, I am getting a missing COSY list error - it says injector program was specified but not set up or the device is in test mode? Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?  I can inject when the instrument is set up for control but have to test uncontrolled also.

  • An Agilent LC error of the type "...Cosy list..." typically indicates a hardware issue, or firmware incompatibility, among the LC modules. It is possible that a firmware update would fix the issues. Please contact Agilent support specialist, and also review the latest Firmware Change Information regarding known issues that may now be resolved.

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