Method development with Acquity PDA

<p>I have a general method development question using the PDA.  I am working on a test method for assay analysis of a compound.  Looking at the spectral profile of the peak of interest, it has an absorption maxima at 280nm then an increasing absorbance from about 250nm and lower.  My question is regarding to the sample matrix the analyte is in.  At 280nm, I see only the analyte - single peak, no shoulders and life is great.  However, when I scan through the sample spectra collected from the PDA, there is an adjacent peak which is observed at around 220- 225nm and it does interfere with the analyte.</p><p></p><p>Do I need to be concerned with this peak and should resolve it from the analyte at this lower wavelength or can I ignore it because it does not have any absorbance at 280nm, thus no interference and cannot be quantitated at 280nm?</p>