Corrupted methods in Empower1?

<p>We're still on Empower1, and I had a user ask me about a potentially corrupted method.  I have heard that copying methods, reports, etc. across projects could cause corruption in Empower1, and that this was corrected in Empower2 with allowing shallow copies.  Anyway, this user was in the run samples view and had an instrument method open that was supposed to be running 50% Mobile Phase A and 50% Mobile Phase B, but it was running 100% Mobile Phase C.  Has anyone ever heard of anything like this happening?  If so, was there ever a known fix for Empower1?  This last question is not as important because we will be upgrading to Empower2 or Empower3 shortly, but I just want to ensure that this upgrade will correct this strange problem.  Thanks for any help you can give.</p>


  • Hello,

    Shallow copy of methods is available in both Empower 1154 and Empower 2.  What was new with the initial release of Empower 2 was the ability to copy only the current version of a method between full audit trail projects. This was of course with the appropriate system policy selected.  Also with Empower 2 the copy to project has more granularity including policy and permission settings.

    It is difficult to evaluate the reason for the alledged corruption you mention here in this discussion without having more information on the level of Empower 1154, firmware, example data, and the method to evaluate.  Also it would be useful to know the frequency and the steps used by the user.  If you would attach one of the methods, we could certainly follow-up with you on this issue.

    Also, it is important to know the type of the pump because certain type of pumps hold and execute the pump table from their own CPU and memory.   So, the pump table could be corrupted in the pump itself.  When this problem occurs, it is important to check the pump table in the instrument method itself and see if the unwanted change(s) is reflected there as well. With this information perhaps we can characterize the problem better and take proper trouble shooting steps.

    This was not reported with Empower and certainly it should not prohibit you from moving to Empower 2 or Empower 3.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Barton,

    In testing with Shallow Copy further we found it to function a little different.

    If a report method is copied from a FAT project (A) to another Fat Project (B), and that method already exists, the prompt will allow the user to automatically delete all earlier versions in Project B and replace the history with that from Project A.  It will not just copy the most recent version from Project A and make a new version in project B.

    I wanted to make this clarification.  Again, we would not expect this to affect your moving to Empower 2 or Empower 3.

    Best regards


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