Release Notes for LAC/E32 C09 to C12?

<p>I've been searching through the Waters Support Library, the only LAC/E32 release note I can find, is for the latest</p><p>configuration (C13).  Is it possible someone can provide me with the Release Notes for LAC/E32 C09, C10, C11</p><p>and C12?  Thank you!</p><p></p><p>I am looking for detailed computer specifications for each, if there's any other document(s) that list those information</p><p>would be helpful, too.  Thanks.</p>


  • Hello,

    The posting of release notes for Lac/e32s prior to the Config 13 is currently in progress.  We expect this process to be completed next week.  I will update when the documents are available and provide a link for you convenience.

    The release notes may not contain the detailed specifications for each.  After review you may need to specify an item where you need information.

    Best regards


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