pda flow cell contamination

<p> it's strange the flow cell is contaminated easily while it's just used for half month .</p><p>the read energy is about 3500 at the wavelengh of 330</p><p>the system have been flushed with isopropanol for 3 days but it just gets  a little better.</p><p>may you give me some suggestions?TKS!</p>


  • Hello

    There should be a guidance document, but I think that you will need a tronger wash. Also, keep a little flow 0.05 mL/min through the flow cell when not in ue. What is in the mobile and can you tell u anything about the sample? I will attach the instructions for cleaning.



  • TIM

    well ,the mobile phase is ACN and 5Mm  ammonium acetate salt

    the initial gradient is 50:50 ACN :5Mm  ammonium acetate ,the sample is carcinogenic dye and filter with 0.22 micron

    thank you for your help !