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<p>Dear All,</p><p>I am new at nano aquity UPLC, our UPLC is now in use to separate the tryptic digested peptides(in gel). I am planning to use this system for complex protein analysis (after in solution digestion) for lebel free quantitative proteomic analysis. For this I need to get the chromatogram of same retantion time of replicate sample runs. For BSA digest I am not getting the same retention time rest of the things are working well. I request all members to advise the solution for new user like me.</p><p>We have nano aquity UPLC trap sys C18 5um 180um*120 and nano aquity BEH130 C18 1.7um 75um*150 column installed.</p><p></p><p>best regards,</p><p>Yashwant  </p>


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    To make this easier to troubleshoot, can you forward/attach the chromatograms and a pressure trace for each of the runs to your post.

    Many TX